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't give warning and used too much force. they say they need the plaza to accommodate the protests. >> we have a right to create a movement when the government is not serving the will of the people. >> reporter: they agreed to let crews clear away graffiti and bring in trash cans. it's unclear why officers dittant move in on saturday. protesters are vug to stay here tonight and police are considering how they will respond. coming up later on we will give you a live look as the march gets underway. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the message that occupy events is vary. in oakland the grads held in irang will be speaking about their experience. ktvu's ken pritchett is live in oakland where finding a message here is not easy. >> reporter: it is not a easy task as you said. the hikers will speak for the first time on the west coast. they will speak here at the plaza. they will speak about their time in iran. if you look across you will see dozens of different messivers. >>> -- mess messages. >> we are looking for work. >> reporter: but there are othe
and a former officer have both been arrested. ktvu's robert handa is here now and tell us what they're accused of stealing, robert. >> reporter: the san jose chapter of the national latino police officers association used to be in this building behind me. as we first reported at noon, this complaint filed by the d.a.'s officer, says that two leaders may have embezzled money and forced the association to collapse. villanueva spent 17 years on the force, filagrana helped give scholarships to children. but filagrana is now in custody for embezzling from the association. filagrana withdrew large amounts of cash for his own use. in 2007 more than 23,000. and in 2008 more than $50,000. and another 9,700 in 2009. >> we thought it might be a few thousand dollars here and there cash. not accounted for or poor bookkeeping but we encountered a significant amount of theft going on. >> reporter: vilegrana was released from the force for separate reasons. but another man, marco ibarra was also arrested for embezzling money. no one responded at vilegrana's house today. a friend said she was in shock. >> it's
. witnesses tell us he ran away on foot. that's when the chp and police wanted to shut down 580 so they could send investigators in with dogs to try to find him. they closed off the perimeter where we're standing and the mcarthur high street onramp of 580. they are concerned about the residents in this area. the chp says it all started blocks away from this location about 2:00 this afternoon. we saw police at the bank of america. invest investigators say that's where a man tried to rob a woman. fired shots at her and took off with some of her belongings. the suspect then sped down to 35th avenue and that's where he crashed trying to get on to highway 5 west. the problem has caused major problem with traffic but the chp says it's more important to keep public safety. >> we would rather inconvenience some people and make it safe than to place people in the area in harm. >> reporter: again this has been shut off for the past three hours. back here live on the ground they do not know the condition yet of the victim that was shot at by the suspect. but they are sending out a warning to all the re
amanda knox and her family plan to return to seattle on a u.s. bound flight sometime tomorrow. >> i want to go back home. i want to go back to my life. >> reporter: in amanda knox's home town there is joy tonight and coming up in 5 minutes, we will go live to seattle for reaction to today's long awaited verdicts. >>> police revealed new information about the shooting that killed three people after a party. ktvu's jade hernandez is here to show us what police just released. >> police here at headquarters spoke to a witness and released a sketch of a person of interest in the case. they are describing that person as a african american man, gold teethes with diamonds. he may or may not be one of the possible shooters. lanisha worthington's image grace as t-shirt memoralizing her death. >> reporter: hard to give these kids answers because i am 43 and i don't have answers. >> reporter: she knew the girls killed. the teens accepted an invitation circulating. security guards posted at the door weren't enough to protect those in the parking lot. bullets struck every which pay, killing three. >>
are worried this long ordeal won't end peacefully. >> we're prepared to resolve this in any way he allows us to resolve this. he gets to choose how this is ending. >> reporter: we're looking at what is essentially the reinforcements here in this operation. none of those alameda county deputies were hurt during yesterday's shootings. authorities don't know if vasler was hit by any of that. still no sign of him here this evening. we're live in fort bragg, eric rasmussen. >>> a man hunt that stretched across two state social states is over -- across two states is over tonight. ernesto gonzalez was arrested on the ucsf campus just a block from police headquarters. gonzalez shot and killed petigrew at a nevada casino last week. more on the suspect and how an observant campus officer made the arrest. >>> oakland police are still trying to figure out what led to the killing of a member of the east bay dragons motorcycle club. 40-year-old hasan haid was shot in the club's garage on international boulevard. he died later at the hospital. we spoke tonight with paul butler another member of the dragon
a week and a half ago. >> you can already see the interest that the politicians of 2012 have taken on us. we will not go to their table, they will come to our table. >> reporter: back here live, speakers continue, you see the orange cones, this group is planning to then occupy city hall. the group richmond progressive alliance is here, they're one of the organizers efforts. we talked about politicians i contacted the mayor of richmond to see what she feels about this. if they'll be in front of city hall camping, she says she strongly supports this and this effort against what she calls corporate demonstration. maureen naylor. >>> the protests on banks in america is not only happening on wall street. a group is rallying in front of a bank that is trying to foreclose on a home of one of their members. >>> president obama is said to visit the bay area again later this month. the bay area officials says the president is expected to hit several cities on a western tour including las vegas and los angeles on october 24th. he will then fie to san francisco then to denver. a white house official
at the time yesterday. sources tell us the man has been identified tonight and they are working to track him down. >>> in san francisco, tensions are high on what to do with those occupy sf protesters. david stevenson is live. >> reporter: take a look behind he, we have protesters outside and inside city hall. protesters came to city hall ready to confront mayor lee. police say protesters knowingly violated a ban on camping on public parks while resisting orders to clear the streets. protesters call it a case of police brutality. >> excuse me sir, you are out of order. >> reporter: occupy san francisco protesters yelled at mayor lee. >> he says he supporting what we're doing, yet he does not. >> reporter: the city has provided waste barrel, and cleaning equipment for the encampment. >> we're working with what leadership we can find. there is no single group of leadership. >> reporter: sf protesters say they are trying to keep city walk ways clear. >> we want to get back to what we want to do which is have a public space where we can propagate discussion. >> reporter: the people -- coming up
you rather have the drug dealers that were here? >> reporter: now again these protesters have told us that they have no intentions of leaving. there is no sign the camp is starting to break down. we asked the city point-blank if they would be bringing police the. the city would not comment only saying that they hope the protesters comply. the protesters say they have no intention of leaving. christien kafton. >>> and we just received an update from san francisco police on the occupy protest there. spokesperson told us that outreach workers are notifying protesters about the no tents, no tarps and no fires rule. but so far there are no plans to move any of the violators out of there. police say they want to help protesters exercise their first amendment rights and that teams are working with protesters on come complying with those rules. >>> tieing the knot at the occupy oakland protest. we're going to take you to the not so typical wedding and how americans feel about this movement. >>> across america our servicemen and women will be reunite with their families. today i can say that
>> reporter: today santa clara county deputies tell us what almond said to the deputies before he shot them. >> the deputies told her that he said kill me or words to that effect. >> reporter: ambrosio says he is glad that almond was kimed killed but says the ordeal is not over. >> when i am by myself, i start breaking down, i have to be talking to someone or be with someone. i can't be by myself. >> reporter: employees from that cement quarry met today to talk about what happened. several people gathered at the cupertino community hall. lee high's senior vice president says it was important for them to get together off the clock. >> one thing about the manufacturing site and this site in particular is there's a very strong family relationship among all the employees. and this site in particular when you're looking at second, third everyone fourth generation workers is a very tight nit group. >> reporter: officials tell us all 150 employees are still being paid while that plant is closed. our coverage on that mass shooting continues. you can go to to hear the interview wi
't like even that many of us at the time. they threw tear gas at us. >> reporter: after the people were out cleaning crews moved into pick up tents and other belongings. they will not be allowed to set up camp again . >> more arrests in the south bay today as the protest outside sack jose city hall. police say they booked four people into jail and cited three for trespassing. one demonstrator is preparing to spend his 4th night on top of a two story wall. others are passing food, blankets and supplies up to him with a rope. we have more on the protest on the website, and you can see more video of it as well as the city's response by clicking on the occupy bay area tab. >> fight former that we believe in. that's what -- >> reporter: that was the president speaking just a couple hours ago at a quick fundraising stop. we are live in the city with the president's short visit raised a lot of money and brought out hundreds of protesters >> reporter: the president left the campaign fundraiser here at the hotel just about two hours ago and the protesters who lined the streets also go
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and millions without power. julie banderes tells us about the areas hardest hit. >> reporter: millions of people across the northeast are in the dark, after a powerful nor'easter pounds the region over the weekend. the unseasonably early storm dumping heavy wet snow on states from maine to maryland. the record-breaking storm is blamed for three deaths, including a man in connecticut and in pennsylvania, as well as a 20-year-old man in massachusetts, who was electrocuted. the storm's impact, combined with still-leafy trees topped with heavy snow put immense pressure on branches, causing trees to fall, contributing to about 3 million outages. communities in western massachusetts are among the hardest hit, with up to 27 inches reported in some places. >> there's no power right now. and we're just using candles and flashlights and off to work we go. >> reporter: the 750,000 without power in connecticut broke a record for the state, pummeled by hurricane irene just months before. >> this is the largest number of power outages that we have ever experienced. >> reporter: in new jersey, where
stretch. >>> the u.s. official wildlife services teamed up with the postal service to promote a new stamp. the new tiger stamp will raise money for wildlife conservation all over the world. a rare russian tiger that was almost wiped out. >> that species is showing somewhat of a recovery just a few years ago there were only 65 left. and now there are hundreds more. >> the consultive group on biological diversity is part of an international team of wildlife activists involved in the new stamp. >>> governor jerry brown has signed a bill that would prevent san francisco from banning male circumcision. the governor's office that brown signed ab-768 into lieu. the legislation was written in response to attempts to put a san francisco circumcision ban on the november ballot. that attempt was blocked by a judgment the new state law prevents any local government from banning the practice. >>> it is called the great wall of fire. the record this show-stopping explosive display has now set. >>> oracles open conference kicks off today. >>> conflicting reports today about the attacks in yemen. who sho
used to help coordinate this demonstration and others across the country. for now we are live in san leandro. >> in new york the protesters have dug in deeper after a threatened showdown was averted. >> he they had threatened to clean out the demonstrators but after officials intervened was scrapped they then pitched into clean up themselves. >> important victory to show we are a legit movement. our right to protest should be respected. >> reporter: the protesters have been camped out in new york for 28 days now. >>> the santa clara da said he will not pursue criminal charges against a group of baseball players accused of gang raping a 17-year-old girl in 2007. >> reporter: here at the da's office this admonish morning was obvious the da was ready to defend his decision. we got this long list of evidence before he made the announcement. >> reporter: the county da said it ok three months of research to decide if there would be any criminal charges charges in the case. it focused on evidence after a house party about four years ago when college baseball player was accused of gang ra
. ktvu's maureen naylor tells us how it started and how workers say there was something different about the suspect. >> one man told me he noticed a change in shareff allman. saying monday he was talkative and tuesday wouldn't look anyone in the eye. we are at foot hill and stevens creek, the quarry is a half mile from here. we learned the coroner has not yet removed the bodies. >> reporter: it started at 74:15 this morning -- 4:15 this morning at the plant. >> he briefly left the meeting, came back, now armed with a rifle and hand gun and that's when he opened fire. >> gunfire. lot of noise. >> reporter: we spoke with an employee who was inside. >> happened fast. very fast. everybody was running. hit the ground. i ran. >> for several hours family and co-workers waited for news. >> i did get reports one of my members is okay. he jumped out the window when the shooting happened. he is okay. i don't know if he is hurt but he is alive. >> he is okay. this father left with his wife and daughter, covered in dirt. >> reporter: another employee left with loved one whose said it was a happy reu
ball. which allows us to tell you that due to today's rain delay, rather than being seen tonight, the "x factor" will be seen tomorrow night on fox. "x factor" is all knew as the contestants learn who the mentors are when they travel to the judges' homes. on their two-hour, "x factor" tomorrow at 8:00 eastern/7:00 central on fox. full count. >> joe: the inning is over. that sends us in to the sixth. rain continues to fall here in detroit. 2-nothing, tigers. [ boy ] looks like our work is done here. nice work, team. i'm heading home. [ imitating engine ] need some help, ma'am? [ imitating engine ] oh, thank you. [ imitating engine ] [ imitating rocket ] [ imitating engine ] these things are heavy. ♪ [ imitating engine ] hey, honey. i'm glad you're home. ♪ [ male announcer ] built for work and everything you work for. ♪ th2012 chevy silverado hd. [ boy ] dad! [ male announcer ] from fathers to sons... chy runs deep. him to the bag. that's two! ...he goes down swinging! it's a 1-2-3 inning. [ male announcer ] if you like a 1-2-3 inning, you're gonna love this card. th
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